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The Shortfall Solution for Hospital Medications.

You are surely familiar with the constant challenge of shortages in FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. The implications of this are enormous, both from a medical and an operational perspective.

We are not looking to replace your current medication suppliers. We are looking to be your alternative vendor when there are shortages, so we can supply your essential medications until the shortfall resolves.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity of a meeting, either in person or by phone, to explain how the VA could benefit from the services of KRS Global Biotechnology.

Shortfall Solution

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An expert staff to resolve shortages.

It takes a team of dedicated scientists and managers to make sure MedsGap is reaching out to as many hospitals as it can so patients everywhere have access medications in demand. We're fortunate to have some of the leading experts on our team.
Sim Shain-MICP
​Founder and Director