"As you can imagine, the impact of a viral pandemic on the economy is significant. This is why the role of companies like MedsGap is crucial.   During shortages, alternative medical suppliers can fill in the gap to ensure that health institutions maintain their operational flow which in effect will also result in less absenteeism."

Ivan Widjaya, Noobpreneur

"The survey from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists found that 72 percent of the pharmacy directors confirmed the short supply of oncology drugs affected the treatment of cancer patients. It is clear that drug shortages are a serious issue, but there is hope. MedsGap is one of the companies offering a solution to the shortages by supplying essential medications during a shortfall. CEO Sim Shain explains that MedsGap has a team of dedicated scientists and staff members who work on creating drugs in short supply."

Lana Bandoim, EmaxHealth